Reborn in Darkness

by Nightlord

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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Nightlord London, UK

Nightlord, originally active 1989-1993, reformed in 2010 with all 4 members from the original 1989 line-up, and released and re-released 2 CDs through Copro Records. Appearing over the years in London with Sepultura, Onslaught and Gama Bomb, Annihilator, touring with Onslaught and Artillery and M:Pire of Evil. Future appearances at TITANFEST 2016 & headlining Eradication Festival in Wales in 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Bedlam
Roll up, roll up, see the idiots of our age
Watch them caper, hear them scream
Feel their fearful rage
For a penny, you can poke these feeble with a stick
And for a shilling we will make them
For you perform a trick

Souls in pain
Minds insane
Melancholy and Mania
In silent stone above the door
For once you pass their faces cold
Bedlam your home for evermore

Come see, come see
And take some sound advice
A cautionary tale, a warning
Against immorality and vice
A moral example, if your passions run too free
The frisson of the freak show

Move on, move on, enter this school of misery
Walk inoffensive madmen along the gallery
As you reach the second floor
Those rows of cells they hold
More dangerous maniacs we have
Terrible to behold

Hear now hear now to the story of a rake
He was left a fortune
Much more than he could take
Then spends it all on finery
With girls and hangers-on
Even employs musicians

Beware, beware, for our Tom, he liked to bet
Takes to heart no sound advice
So soon he is in debt
He ends up here in Bedlam's care
Sent mad in debtors gaol
Violent and insane, mind is rent and broken
Track Name: Omens in Entrails
Black morning, day dawning, forewarning
Knife slitting, blood dripping, visceral
Hot steaming, man screaming
Grasped insides, necromancy
Guts spilling, earth reddening, soothsayer

See the signs, read the patterns
Fates have spoken, shows that the time is right
Our cause is just, predetermined
We cannot fail, it points the path for us

Arms flailing, life failing, suffering
Spilt entrails, picked details, harbinger
Eyes glazing, voice raising
Predicting, vile sorcery
Pulled innards, dead organs, oracle

The seer, the old ways
Omens in entrails
As death comes, it takes hold
Grips tight as life fails

Dire warning, bad omens, uncertain
Hush falling, minds clearing, another?
New offering, comes willing
Lays calmly, clairvoyancy
Blade raising, strikes downwards, prophecy
Track Name: Butcher's Bill
In poppy blooms, on Flanders field
They climb the trench, over the top
The shattered men, bare blasted trees
And still they march, drowning in mud

Counting the cost of our wars with their lives
They give their today if they don't survive
It's for our tomorrow they fight and they kill
When do we hand the butcher his bill

Upon the shore in northern France
A beachhead made, out of the boats
The broken troops, the craters gape
And still they crawl, among the waves

Counting the cost of our wars with their lives
Drowning in mud
They give their today if they don't survive
Among the waves
It's for our tomorrow they fight and they kill
Above the dunes
When do we hand the butcher his bill
Counting the dead

Dripping with oil, the Middle East
A shock and awe, lights up the sky
The scattered foes, the fields of flame
And still they climb, above the dunes

Counting the cost of our wars with their lives
They give their today if they don't survive
It's for our tomorrow they fight and they kill
Never ending
When do we hand the butcher his bill
Counting the dead
Track Name: Ghosts from the Machines
It's been so many years that time has dried the tears
Those people are all gone but moments linger on
A photo does not give any idea that they lived
Their faces stuck in time, unmoving in their prime

The world it has moved on
Technology's become
A way to make them seem
More than just a dream
They move, they laugh, they wave
As if returned from the grave
It makes your heart rejoice
To once more hear their voice

That sense of loss has gone
From when you turned it on
Your memories now take form
The past becomes reborn
It almost seems too real
But still you miss their feel
You reach to touch the screen
Those ghosts from the machines

The shadows of the past
Shows us nothing ever lasts
Though none of them survive
It reminds us of their lives
My children can adore
Those that came before
It's all so clear to see
That they live on in me

From nothing we become, returning once we're done
I have no wish to be cursed with immortality
So when my time has come and to the end succumb
Then I'll move on to be a ghost from the machine
Track Name: Black, Red and Green
Invent a terror to make you bleed
A fiery spectacle is what you need
You'll get behind me if I make it real
You'll fight my war as part of the deal
Death unites like you don't know
Our nations grief is put on show
Attacking those that pose the threat
Don't worry world, it's worth the debt
I dare not show
What you can't know
Don't stop to wonder
What are we fighting for?
Now you're out there, you realise
Death reinforces the threat that bites
There's a reason it didn't click
I need you stupid, we kept you thick
But we've got our pride
You're on our side
Protect my right
We fight, you die
I need the poor
To fight my war
And nobody asks any more
“What are we fighting for?”

What is that, you're undermanned?
Don't you know that was the plan?
Black gold flows beneath their sand
While occupied we'll rape their land
Some remember from all before
Those other times I called for war
I made you think it was what you need
Now you know it was just my greed
Track Name: Last Rise of Our Dying Sun
Track Name: Gaze of Gorgons
Demons of the Ancients
Daughters born to elder gods
Sharp fangs, winged and scaled hides
Crowned heads of Ophidians
Dreadful, grasping brass hands
Beautiful death

Hair of snakes
Turn to stone

Stherno, she the eldest
Forceful and ferocious
Boar-tusked, thin and red-haired
Second born Euryale
She of the far roaming
Bellowing cries

Hair of snakes, the terror wakes
Risk the gaze
Your final cries, their blazing eyes
Turn to you stone
You cannot flee, the last you'll see
Fear the gaze

Turn you to stone

Youngest girl Medusa
Guardian and protectress
Raped by foul Poseidon
Cursed and changed by she so wise
Primordial hatred
Immortal eyes
Track Name: Sin Eater
A body lies, the recent dead
Now drink the ale, now eat the bread
I close the door, the family waits
A priest was called, he came too late
A hungry man, a volunteer
I should act swift, the devil nears
All of his sins I must take on
The town it will shun me as one

Now smash the cup, its taint must be ruined
He is the one become the sin-eater

I make the speech, we're all alone
All things confessed, his wrongs atoned
I give easement and rest to thee
Do not return, so I decree
An empty shell with face serene
His essence flies with conscience clean
Playing my part, my solemn role
And for thy peace I've pawned my soul

Now burn the bowl, its taint must be destroyed
I am the one, they call the sin-eater

My throat it burns, my body hot
My mind it swims, my guts they rot
A vision forms before my eyes
Of people killed, of children's cries
Foul murderer, vile paedophile
How many lives did he defile?
But not in Hell his punishment
To Heaven's gate his spirit sent

A beggar man without abode
In tattered rags on lonely road
Another house, another time
I'll take them all, I'll take all crimes
Eternal rest for lapsed devout
They'll thank me once then turn me out
But when I die will I be free
Who will step forth to eat for me?
Track Name: Turn of the Tide
Racing down for Cape Trafalgar
October, Eighteen Hundred and Five
Twenty-seven ships of the line
Flying the white ensign
Hearts of Oak the drums roll out
Weapons primed, we'll make our stand
Taste their fear as we draw near
Upon the decks prepare to fight

Raking fire, mass mutilation
Glorious, blood-soaked, living hell
Blood-soaked, living hell

Our fleet outgunned
Our crew outnumbered
England expects
The outcome is in our hands

To the line of fire we surge
Damn the odds to break their line
Drawing fire as we sail on
With massive loss on every side
Under a hail of hostility
Cannons blaze as metal whirls
Projectile storms pulverize
Unto the end prepare to die

Shattered pieces, masts come crashing
Rigging, sails torn to shreds
Broadside to broadside batteries pounding
Pummelling, punishing, round after round
Cleanse the decks of every last man
Blow them all to smithereens
Overwhelm the enemy
We will have our victory

Man the cannons, unleash the fury
Fighting relentless, tooth and nail